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What are the wrong ways to lose weight?

What are the wrong ways to lose weight?


Many people rebound after losing weight. So what makes you rebound? In fact, sometimes we use the wrong weight loss method. Once the weight loss method is used incorrectly, it will not only harm the body but the effect may not be maintained, so which methods will make it easy to rebound and regain the weight. What are the wrong ways to lose weight?


One, only rely on diet control

Many people only rely on diet to control weight loss. In terms of diet, they eat less. This method has the greatest chance of rebound, because the less you eat, the less you digest and your basal metabolic rate. It Will decrease because if the metabolic rate is too high, you will starve to death very quickly.


Therefore, your body will reduce your metabolism and keep you hungry. You will not starve to death immediately. So this method is the easiest way to rebound because you will not control your diet for a lifetime. It may be during a certain period of time, such as during the Chinese New Year. At times, you will not be able to easily bear the temptation of delicious food. You will eat better and more. At this time, you will gain weight easily.


only rely on diet control


Two, excessive exercise

Many people have not exercised for many years. Maybe they have gained weight and want to lose weight quickly. Then they start to do a lot of exercises, such as running. We say that losing weight is not only exercise but also diet control so that you can stay in shape for a long time.


Losing weight is a long-term process, and the amount of exercise needs to be increased slowly, so people who start running do not need you to run too much because your body can’t adapt to it, and the sports injury caused is very large, such as your knees. Injury is not a good way to keep you going.


excessive exercise

Three, eat less and exercise more

This may be the worst kind of it. They have been actively exercising every day and controlling their diet so well, why they still rebounded. This is what they don’t understand.


In fact, we have already mentioned the first point. You eat very little a day and your basal metabolism is already very low. At this time, if you do a lot of exercises, there is no energy to provide you with exercise, and there is still a lot of exercise, so it is difficult. Persevere, so eating less and doing a lot of exercises is definitely not a good way.


Fourth, diet

You may only eat a little starchy food every day, or only a little fruit every day. This is very unfeasible. Like the first point, you will reduce your basal metabolism and it will be difficult to stick to it. It may be a few days later. , You will be hungry and weak, and you will have no strength to walk when hungry, and will extremely damage your health.


You may have tried these types of weight loss methods, and there may be successful examples, and they are maintained well, but this is definitely not a scientific method of weight loss.


We lose weight not just to look good, but to be healthy at a deeper level, so we can’t lose weight aggressively, we have to take it slowly.



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