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will waist trainer get rid of pooch? our good waist trainer can do it.

Will waist trainer get rid of pooch?

A good waist trainer can do it really!

Waist trainer get rid of pooch?

Will wearing a corset flatten your stomach? These 19th-century tormenting devices are the premise behind “waist training,” the latest in weight loss, including lacing or Velcro wear tights to “train” your waist. Kim Kardashian vowed on Instagram that she was a devotee, and Jessica Alba attributed her corset to her because she helped her reduce her baby’s weight. Real women also have a soaring, good waist trainer ensuring that the waist training gives them an hourglass number. But, really, will the waist trainer let you lose weight?

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Expert weighing

Curious, we brought it to the experts – it turns out that wearing a corset has nothing to do with losing real weight. This is just the latest gimmick (fat burning pill, anyone?) that can be easily peeled off without losing weight. At first glance, there seems to be hope. New York City nutritionist Brittany Cohen said: “The corset restricts your stomach, which makes it impossible to eat too much.” Tightening the waist will redistribute fat from the middle. So you look slimmer. “Because it’s too tight, you’ll sweat like crazy, it will make you feel more relaxed.” But once the bodice falls off, your body will quickly return to normal weight and shape,” Cohen said. Yes, this is just another strange health fashion. )

Terrible part

Like many fat melting trends, waist training can even bring real damage. “Compression makes breathing difficult,” Cohen said. “You are under such tremendous pressure in the middle that it can cause bruises and even organ damage.” Yes, we want to believe this in part – if there is a magical dress that can erase the little belly, that would be great. Bloated? But the truth is that the only way to really lose weight is through diet and exercise. (Reversely, try this flat abdominal muscle exercise and the maximum of 30 flat abdominal tips.)



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