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Will Small Waist Trainer Flatten My Stomach? There Have Three Misunderstands.

Will Small Waist Trainer Flatten My Stomach? 

There Have Three Misunderstands about small waist trainer.

What misunderstandings do you have about corsets?

1. the body corset should be worn close to the body

In addition to the corsets made according to the local body sculpting requirements, a pair of corsets can help the chest, waist, and hips to shape together. However, these one-piece corsets are not directly worn and need to be worn outside the underpants. This is because the corset is made of special material, and the vulva is often wet, which provides a favorable environment for the breeding of anaerobic bacteria. If you wear it directly, it will cause diseases such as vaginitis and urinary tract infection.

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2. can wear body shaping underwear during menstruation

Many body-building underwears are tightly packed, which can play a fixed role, so many MMs mistakenly believe that wearing men’s underwear during menstruation is safe and does not delay body sculpting. In fact, tight corsets will make the body’s blood circulation poor, local capillaries under pressure, increase perineal friction, it is easy to cause perineal congestion and edema, irregular menstruation and other symptoms.

3. wearing a corset at night

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Although corsets can help shape fat, our bodies also need proper rest. Some people mistakenly think that the longer the corset is worn, the better it will be, even at night. In fact, this has caused a burden on the body. The long-lasting corset will make the skin unable to breathe normally, and it will cause edema of the lower limbs and blockage of pores. do not wear more than 4 hours at a time, and cannot wear every day.


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Will Small Waist Trainer Flatten My Stomach?

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