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Why is fitness not thin but fat?

I don’t know if you have encountered a time when fitness is not thin but fat, especially during the weight-loss period. If you encounter this situation, it is very bad. Let’s take a look at the reasons why fitness is not thin but fat.


Why is fitness not thin but fat?

1. Regular muscle gain and fat loss + reasonable exercise for more than a month, weight gain occurs, it may be because you are gaining muscle and losing fat. Therefore, even if you gain weight, your body fat percentage is still going down because muscle is denser than fat. At this time, measuring girth can measure the effect of fat loss more than weighing.
2. In the initial stage of weight loss, if you have no exercise habits before or have not exercised for a long time, and you have only recently resumed training, then weight gain is a normal phenomenon. Long-term non-exercise will make people’s muscles in a relaxed state, and there will be short-term congestion between muscles and fascia during recovery training; or edema caused by a large amount of water supplementation after exercise. These two situations can cause visual deception-weight does not drop but increases after fitness and the circumference also increase.

Why is fitness not thin but fat? here are some answers.


Fitness is not thin but fat.

What to do? To improve exercise efficiency, the measure of exercise effect is not time but content. For example, 12 minutes of “medium-high intensity HIIT training” to achieve a fat-burning heart rate> 30 minutes of “uniform speed”. If you can exercise for less time, you can try HIIT. Its “after-exercise burn effect” will allow you to consume more calories after exercise.


The reason why fitness is not thin but fat.

1. Exercise can increase total energy expenditure. If you do not cooperate with diet control, or eat more after exercise, it will lead to an increase in total calorie intake and weight loss.
2. Exercise can consume fat and increase muscle. The total amount of muscle of the same volume is greater than fat, so when too much fat turns into muscle, the weight may increase instead, but the body shape will change significantly.


How can I lose weight fast?

Exercise can increase the digestion of total calories. Under the condition that the total energy intake remains unchanged, exercise can increase the total calorie consumption, so that the total intake is lower than the total calories consumed, and the body will experience a linear decline in weight.


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