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What Is Best To Eat After Working Out?

What is best to eat after working out?

Because some people have their own work to do during the day, fitness can only be done at night. We generally have to eat something to replenish our physical strength after fitness, especially diet occupies a very important position in fitness, so do you know what is best to eat after fitness? We recommend 3 ways to eat, let’s take a look!


1. What is the best thing to eat after fitness?

You can eat some yogurt, bananas, and nuts as a temporary meal after fitness. You can eat a regular meal for about 60-120 minutes, such as mixed bean porridge, beef rice, whole wheat bread, salmon, etc. In addition, according to different daily fitness exercises, the proportion of nutrients intake should also be different.

What is best to eat after working out?


2. It is best to eat these immediately after fitness.

A physical fitness coach once said: “The best moment for an exercise diet is now.” Eat some snacks immediately after fitness, such as protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, about 30 grams of nuts, bananas, etc., which can promote body recovery, and can also prevent you from over-eating during your fitness meal.

Fitness After eating dinner and eating these the best fitness, the body begins to supplement the consumption during exercise through anabolic metabolism. At this time, you must supplement enough protein and carbohydrates. The best time to eat is 30-60 minutes after exercise to ensure that the body recovers from fatigue in time.

After working out, take a short break (about 1-2 hours), and then you can have a regular meal. Such as whole wheat + salmon, black bean + rice porridge, fried tofu + rice, potato chicken brown rice, beef rice are all good. What should I eat after getting healthy? Dinner follows the principle of having rice (staple food), vegetables, and balanced nutrition. It is best to have as low fat as possible.


3. What is the best thing to eat after fitness, and different pieces of training are different?

After aerobic fitness, eat more carbohydrates and eat, which can promote body recovery, and the focus of different fitness exercises is not the same: what is good to eat after aerobic fitness? After aerobic, you should eat more carbohydrates (brown rice porridge, corn, whole wheat pasta, etc.) to promote glycogen recovery.

Eat more carbs + protein after strength training, and eat more carbs as staple food + protein (steamed fish and shrimp, beef tendon, chicken breast are best) to promote muscle protein synthesis. In addition, it is best not to consume fat in all the things you eat after fitness.

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