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What does it mean a corset that has existed for centuries for women?

What does it mean a corset for women?

To understand the aesthetics of an era, the works of art of this era are the best embodiment. We can intuitively understand the aesthetics of people in this era through the works left by artists and writers. Just like in ancient Greece and Rome, the images of goddesses in many paintings and sculptures are similar to the “round” aesthetics of the Tang Dynasty. At that time, people did not pursue the curves of the body so much. Both men and women wore relatively comfortable loose robes. Many women in the works of art of this period are also full of bodies. Europeans in this period are pursuing a kind of natural beauty.


From many film and television works, we can see that after the Renaissance women, especially aristocratic women, the dresses are mostly exquisite and luxurious. The fluffy skirts with skirts and the large open neckline set off the slender waist and the sexy curve of the upper body. , After the women put on these skirts, it is like walking art.

What does it mean a corset for women?

The film and television drama perfectly restored the image of European women in history. In order to achieve the effect of a full grip on the waist, women would wrap a corset close to the body and gradually tighten from the chest to the waist. Perhaps everyone has heard of it. The word “bee waist”, in order to be sexy and beautiful in posture, it is almost necessary to tighten the waist. We all know that the sternum is just a little bit up from the waist. If you want the waist to be thin enough, you must press the upper sternum. So many European women in that period would wear tight corsets since they were young. European women wear wooden blocks and metal tight-fitting chest wraps for fixing for a long time. Not only do the ribs squeeze and deform, the internal structure and organs of the chest cavity will also change, and it is even difficult to breathe like a heavy object is pressed on the chest.


With the development of history and the outbreak of World War I, women are no longer works of art for people to appreciate but have to undertake complicated logistical tasks. After that, traditional corsets were completely abandoned. Women’s self-awareness has gradually awakened, and they no longer blindly cater to aesthetic trends but pursue a comfortable dress that suits them.


Nowadays, the times are advancing, and the status of women is gradually improving. Women are no longer subject to unreasonable rules made by some unconscious people. From being forced to use shapewear before, they are now Choose shapewear for your own beauty.


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