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Weight Loss Fitness Program For Women.

Weight Loss Fitness Program For Women.

For most girls, the most important thing is their external body. If they are fatter, most girls will hope to lose weight through fitness. But in fact, fitness weight loss is not particularly simple, and it is more difficult to insist. If you can make a plan before exercise, I believe that it has a very good effect on weight loss, then let ’s take a look at the lady Lose weight fitness program, if you are also interested, continue to read it!


 1. Monday: Chest and back training

To do weight loss fitness, we can first exercise through the chest and back of the upper body. When doing chest and back exercises, you can use some usual movements that are more beneficial to exercise the back and chest to lose weight. For example, we can do dumbbell straight-leg deadlifts and push-ups in a kneeling position. For girls, there may be some strength in kneeling push-ups, but you do n’t have to worry. If you do regular training, you will feel that this training is handier and handier, and it is very good for the training effect. In the diet, you also need to learn to match with breakfast. You can eat yogurt and whole wheat bread. You can eat fat-free steak and broccoli at lunch. When dinner, you can choose coarse grain products to promote intestinal peristalsis and strengthen health management.

Women's weight loss fitness program

 2. Wednesday: upper limb training

After performing chest and back exercises, upper limb strength training is also very important, which includes the arms of our body. For women, the limbs are very important, and the most important part of the upper part of the body is the arm. If you can exercise the arm, the arm will be thinner and the whole person will look thinner. The use of dumbbell curls or bending and stretching can effectively exercise the strength of our arms and the lines of arm muscles so that everyone’s arm lines become more beautiful. On the diet, you can choose boiled eggs and milk for breakfast, macaroni with shrimp and lettuce for lunch, vegetable porridge for dinner, or vegetable salad with some simple coarse grains.


 3. Friday: Leg training

If the leg training can be done well, it will have a great impact on the body shape, especially after the girl’s leg exercise, the leg will become more slender. We can use squats and running to exercise. Squats can effectively reduce excess fat on the legs and can lift the lines of the hips. It is a very suitable sport for women. Running can not only reduce legs and weight. , Can also effectively improve cardiopulmonary function, but every day must remember to persist for more than half an hour to have an effect. When exercising, you should also eat some more suitable food. You can steam potatoes at breakfast, you can choose simple fat-free ideas and green vegetables and crab meat for lunch, and you can choose clear porridge for dinner.


Several kinds of training in the article, for women, the effect is more obvious, and these parts are also the parts where girls are easy to accumulate fat, which is more suitable for women’s fitness programs.




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