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What Is The Weight Loss Exercise For Women?

The weight loss exercise for women.

There are many kinds of exercises on how to lose weight. Of course, the weight loss effects of these exercises are different. Some exercises have good effects, and some exercises have average effects. Then, what are the exercises for women to lose weight? Some people still know which exercises are available. So, what is the weight loss exercise for women? Let’s take a look at weight loss exercises together!


1. skipping rope

Skipping rope is also very effective in burning fat, skipping 30 minutes can consume 440 calories. Taking 7200 calories to lose 1 kg of fat, skipping rope can lose 1 kg of fat in less than 5 hours.


2. Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor yoga can help people improve their ability to concentrate, relieve tension, reduce depression, eliminate psychological barriers, restore inner peace and tranquility, and make people healthy. In addition, outdoor yoga can make the body breathe out, reinforce the body, strengthen the mind, relax the tendons, and unknowingly maintain an elegant and firm body shape, light, and agile posture.


The weight loss exercise for women-Outdoor Yoga


3. Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise to lose weight because it uses almost all muscles. Tests by sports physiologists show that if you swim 100 meters in the water, it consumes 100 kcal of heat energy, which is equivalent to running 400 meters on land, or riding a bicycle for 1,000 meters, or skating for 1,500 meters. In addition, swimming can also generate positive psychological emotions, because it is a pleasant activity. No longer feel the burden of the body in the water, it plays a comfortable role. More importantly, swimming is beneficial to the health of the heart and lungs. 


4. Go fast

The effect of brisk walking for 30 minutes a day to prevent stroke is the same as that of more intense fast-paced sports such as jogging, playing tennis, and riding a bicycle. In addition, it has a good effect on preventing diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain cancers. The report pointed out that the so-called brisk walking is to walk a distance of 1 mile (about 1,600 meters) within 12 minutes. If you walk quickly for 45 minutes to 1 hour a day, then the probability of stroke can be further reduced by 40%; and people without exercise habits, As long as you walk briskly for 30 minutes a day from now on, you can achieve good results in strengthening your body.


5. Plank support

Plank support is a weight loss exercise that exercises balance and core abdominal muscles. In yoga, plank support is often one of the movements of a sun salutation or a connecting asana of flow yoga. At the same time, plank support is also a classic movement in Pilates. Of course, you can also practice the flat pose as a separate exercise. There are two main types of plank support, one is the prone plank, which requires the body to be supported by the arm, and the other is the side plank.


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