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How to “wear” shapewear? Pay attention to these three points!

What are the benefits of shapewear?

 The principle is to use the fluidity of fat and the pressure difference of various parts to squeeze the fat from the high pressure area to the low pressure area.
 In the case of a very high quality shapewear it will also take into account the shape of fat in areas of low pressure for a sculpting effect.
 All girls who have worn shapewear know that the moment they put on shapewear, their body curves become more beautiful and people become more confident.

What should I pay attention to when wearing shapewear?

Nowadays, shapewear is becoming more and more standardized, and it is becoming more and more healthy and fashionable, but there are also some minefields and precautions in the process of choosing and wearing.
1. When wearing a corset, the tighter it is, the better the effect. If it is too tight, it will restrain the body, easily cause breast deformation, and affect normal breathing, sweat excretion, exercise difficulties, and even cause some diseases and hazards.
2. Wearing shapewear is not as long as possible, as it will easily lead to strangle marks on the skin. If it lasts for a long time, it will definitely cause oppression and restraint to the return of blood and lymph in the female breast, resulting in poor return.
3. Although the restraint of body shaping clothes can help people limit appetite, it should be noted that the main function of body shaping clothes is to shape the body, not to lose weight, so don’t pin your hope of losing weight entirely on the body shaping clothes. And for girls who are very young or of childbearing age, it can affect gynecomastia.

We need to learn how to use shapewear correctly, such as choosing a well-known shapewear brand, and under professional guidance, learn the correct way and time to wear it, but we don’t completely rely on it. Good body shape, diet, exercise, and a healthy attitude are all indispensable elements.

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