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Why should I wear shapewear after liposuction? What does it do?

“Losing weight” has always been one of the eternal topics for women.
Those who want to lose weight quickly, who don’t want to exercise or go on a diet, can choose to lose weight and shape through liposuction.
Although liposuction is very fast, do you know why the doctor still asks us to wear shapewear after liposuction?
Especially the elastic bandage after face suction is very obvious, uncomfortable and not beautiful.
Today, let me tell you why you need to wear shapewear after liposuction?

01 bondage pressurization
Generally speaking, wearing shapewear after liposuction can reduce postoperative bleeding and tissue edema.
And the shapewear can avoid the local accumulation of exudate, leading to the occurrence of hematoma or seroma, and can promote postoperative recovery.
It should be noted that the pressure of the selected elastic shapewear should be moderate. If the elasticity is too small, it will not be able to play a fixed role. If the pressure is too high, it may cause a series of complications such as phlebitis or venous thrombosis.
It is generally recommended to choose the shapewear recommended by the hospital.

02Fixed and firmed skin
Since the amount of fat is reduced after liposuction, the space in the skin remains the same. The skin is separated from the muscle layer, and the space where the fat used to be is empty.
The elastic shapewear can resist gravity, fix the fat layer of the skin in the correct position, help the fat layer adhere to the deep fat, and prevent the skin flap from loosening and sagging.

03Stable shape
The purpose of liposuction is to have a good figure, so the biggest role of shapewear is to help us shape our shape.
Wearing a shapewear on the liposuction site will continuously pressurize the skin, shape the fat tissue, and help the liposuction site quickly restore smooth and flat skin.
Therefore, if you choose liposuction for slimming and face-lifting, you must be mentally prepared.
After the operation, pressure bandaging and body shaping clothing are required. Bruises, bruises, swelling, etc. may occur. Careful care of the liposuction site is also required. Take a good rest and avoid drinking, so as to recover faster and achieve better results.

04 What to pay attention to when wearing shapewear
It is necessary to choose regular medical corsets, and the corsets must completely cover the liposuction site, so they must be worn completely.
You should buy shapewear according to your actual situation, because there is a certain difference between preoperative and postoperative. If you don’t know what size you wear, you can consult a doctor and buy a shapewear size that suits you, so that the shaping effect will be better.
Therefore, it is essential to wear shapewear after liposuction. Don’t find it troublesome or uncomfortable to wear. After all, it is for the sake of a good figure in the future. Remember to follow the doctor’s advice.
Beauty does not happen overnight, so if you want S-curve beauty, you have to take action!

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