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Holme Guppon

Thomas Holme Poulsen, A middle-agged men, handsom, mature, attractive men, His smile warm. one of the  owner of HomeGruppon, we begin cooperation since June 2015th, he had a sample order of waist trimmer corset from us, and with one three layers nine steel bones waist trimmer corset. then our story began.  he loved our quality, our service, our quickest delivery. trust is important in doing business. now we have long term cooperation, each month, Holme Gruppon will give us the order which the value is over 10000USD,   now we are Holme Gruppon agent in shenzhen too.

Holme Gruppon is a nice and big company, Thomas is really a very nice men, we had been met on May with Thomas, and Kristian, the other owner of Holme Gruppon,they come to visit our factory on May.  I love both of them, they really easy to get along wiht. We will keep our cooperation always and forever. god bless Holme Gruppon will get more sellings every day.

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