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Our Young and Beautiful Indonesian Dealer Yenti Rusli

waist trainer manufacturer
waist trainer manufacturer

Nanbinfashion, professional waist trainer manufacturer

Y&R is a new fast-growing brand in Indonesia, whose owner is Yulia Rusli.

In June 2017, we launched a new waist trainer. She found us and asked many questions every day.

After we patiently answered all the questions,

she decided to buy a sample to see the quality of our products..

After she received the sample order, she really liked our high-quality products and warm service,

and started to make her own brand – Y&R,

She used OEM custom methods from us to create her own labels, tags, thanks cards,

and own luxury boxes and exhibitions.

Within just three months, her brand Y&R has opened up a vast market in the local area

and can sell about 500 waist trainers per month.

We believe that we will work together and win together,

and we hope that Y&R will become more and more successful.

With our support and your trust, you will be the next local market pioneer like Y&R.

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waist trainer manufacturer
waist trainer manufacturer

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