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The waist trainer improves our posture habits

The waist trainer improves our posture habits

For daily office workers, we maintain a sitting posture for a long time every day, and it is easy for us to ignore our sitting posture in daily life. This kind of movement that does not require high-intensity exercise often makes us sore back, dizziness and fatigue. How to change this state? Maybe we can choose a waist trainer posture to support us.


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What problems can an incorrect sitting posture cause?

1. Leaning shoulders forward, the outline of the chest collapses, and the curvature of the lower back is lost. This sitting position can easily cause herniated discs, breathing difficulties, neck problems, etc.
2. A sitting posture with the head tilted forward, this posture will also cause a flat lumbar spine and excessive upper back curve, which is also the most tormented for the neck. The neck can hardly support the head, which can easily cause headaches and neck soreness.
3. Cross your legs or use one elbow on the table to support your body. Because of the unbalanced force on the left and right sides, the height of the ischium will also deviate, and the center of gravity of the ischium and the pelvis will be unbalanced.


Choose a waist trainer when you have an incorrect sitting posture.




How does the waist trainer improve our posture?

The waist trainer exerts a certain pressure on the waist, so that we maintain a relatively correct sitting posture, and can remind us not to bend over to work. The waist trainer can keep the spine in the correct curve, the pelvis is neutral, the chest is open, and you can breathe smoothly. This sitting position can be maintained for a long time without feeling tired. Choosing a Double Strap Waist Trainer can keep the upper back straight and lumbar support in the lower back so that the lower spine can lie flat on the chair.

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