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How does a Waist Trainer Help People Lose Weight?

How does a Waist Trainer Help People Lose Weight?


According to reports in the literature, the world’s first corset, from the makeup artist Catherine of King Henry II of France, his iron suit is difficult to bring the Queen’s “bombard” to nearly 40 cm.

Fortunately, this metal garment has not been popular for a long time, and the corset made of cloth has appeared. Nowadays, “S-type” “waist-shaped” “blood-breast” all kinds of thin corsets can be hidden under heavy clothes to create a good figure for the sisters. In fact, there is a lot of pressure on wearing a corset. Do you really understand how to wear it?

Can you lose weight by wearing a corset?

The reason they wear corsets is that girls are not satisfied with their bodies. Whether it’s a flat chest or a belly with a lot of fat, it can be bent under the tight bodice. However, this squeeze of “skinny” under external force does not really help you lose weight.

In your body, about two-thirds of the fat is stored in the subcutaneous tissue, and the number of fat cells is basically the same. Fat is not fat depends on the volume of fat, but fat cells do not decrease.

waist trainer without boning

When you need more energy than usual (such as long-term exercise requires long-term exercise, etc.), the stored fat will be passively used and broken down. Under the squeezing of other stretch fabrics, including the bodice body stretch belt corset, the solid yellow subcutaneous fat will not disappear and they will slowly return to their original position after taking off the corset. (The truth: still so fat, wearing a corset looks very thin.)

The corset should be made of a fabric that is light and breathable. Wear it for about 8 hours. It is best to take off your bustier after going home from work. Long-term wear can also affect the blood circulation of the whole body.




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