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The Key To Weight Loss After 30 Days Of Delivery,A Waist Trainer Double Belt Is Necessary

The Key To Weight Loss After 30 Days Of Delivery,A Waist Trainer Double Belt Is Necessary

No salt or condiments at all
Generally speaking, the weight gained during pregnancy is about 12 kg. Then how the 12 kg weight disappeared from the body became the focus of the new mother. Now we calculate that the weight of the baby with the placenta is about 5.5 kg, and there is 6.5 kg, and among them, the water content is more than 60%.

In other words, eating salt and more water cannot be ruled out: the water produced by various factors of pregnancy must be slowly discharged after the mother gives birth. Therefore, if you eat food that is too salty or contains condiments such as soy sauce, vinegar, tomato sauce, etc., or eat pickled foods, canned foods, etc. during confinement, it will cause the body to retain water, make it difficult to drain, and naturally lose weight going down.
This is why it is best for women to drink as little water as possible in the first week after delivery. If the purpose of “sweeping water and swelling” cannot be achieved in the crucial first week, but drinking water without fear will have a negative impact on metabolism, then it will be difficult to lose weight in the next 3 weeks.

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• Implement phased food supplements
The main goal of the first week after delivery is to “sweet the water and swelling,” so that the lochia is drained away. The correct tonic concept is: first exhaust the lochia and then replenish the qi and blood.

You also need to grasp the concept of stage food supplements. Simply put, because the lochia has not been cleaned in the first 2 weeks, it should not be replenished. The focus should be on promoting metabolism and draining excess water from the body. Such as,
In the first week, he used sesame oil pork liver as the main food to help the uterus expel lochia and other wastes;
In the second week, he uses the “sesame oil waist” to activate blood circulation and prevent backache.

In the 3rd and 4th week, the lochia will be clear before you can start eating “sesame oil chicken” to nourish blood and qi. Some mothers can’t bear to refuse the love of their families. They said that they would eat sesame oil chicken as soon as the birth was over. From the first day to the last day of confinement, it’s no wonder that they are not fat!

In addition, the diet should be more light, less salt, avoid fat, eat hot, chew slowly, refuse snacks, etc. If these principles can be followed, the tonic in the month will not be fat It is the best of both worlds.


• Use of Waist Trainer Double Belt and timely exercise
Amy’s mother has noticed that she must wear a Waist Trainer Double Belt after giving birth, and it is best to go to bed. This can not only help the body’s recovery, but also prevent visceral sagging and skin sagging, and eliminate stretch marks. However, it is necessary to use an abdominal belt that is really produced for pregnant women. It is a long strip that can be freely tied and tied around the body curve from bottom to top so that the drooping belly can be completely lifted up and supported and shaped.

In addition, although the mother should avoid labor, it is necessary to exercise moderately to eliminate the fat on the waist and hips and restore elasticity.

In general, you can start exercises such as abdominal muscle contraction and sit-ups 14 days after giving birth. Moms who like aerobic dancing must wait 6 weeks before they can start again. In short, postpartum exercise should be persistent, and the effect will be surprisingly good.



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