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Waist Trainer Bordure




waist trainer bordure
waist trainer bordure

                                              Waist trainer bordure

                                     This process we call waist trainer bordure,

                                     We will sew the waist trainer twice.

                                     For the first time we stitch our waist trainer with a thin thread

                                     and sew the label into the waist trainer.

                                     For the second time we will use a thick thread to sew the waist trainer,

                                     because doing so keeps our waist trainer not easy to break no matter how you stretch it.

                                     In addition, for our waist trainer hooks, we will sew another line to keep our hooks stronger

                                     to ensure that our female lumbar trainers are not easily broken.

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waist trainer bordure
 waist trainer bordure
waist trainer bordure



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