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Can A Waist Trainer Belt Improve Hunchback?

Can A Waist Trainer Belt Improve Hunchback?

The waist trainer belt has a certain effect on improving the hunchback because the waist will be straight after the waistband is tied. At this time, the hunchback will naturally be straight. The reason for many people’s hunchback is actually the lack of strength in the waist.


Can a waist trainer belt improve hunchback?

It has an improvement effect, but it may be restored to its original shape after being removed. The harder waist support can provide a certain amount of support during exercise, hold the waist that is bent too much, reduce the force on its muscles, and protect the waist from sprains or soreness. Some functional waist protectors have metal sheets attached to the back, which can effectively provide greater support and avoid accidental injuries. The back of such waist protectors is generally higher.

A waist trainer belt can improve hunchback.

Symptoms of waist trainer belt application

1. Rehabilitation and treatment of bone spurs, low back pain, sciatica, and other diseases.
2. Prevention and adjuvant treatment of lumbar syndromes such as lumbar spondylopathy and lumbar muscle strain;
3. Stabilization after lumbar spine surgery or during the recovery period of lumbar disc herniation;
4. Protect and support the waist of the elderly and physically weak people engaged in manual labor;
5. Eliminate or relieve waist, abdomen, and back discomfort caused by overwork or fatigue.
6. It can be used for waist protection in winter and women’s postpartum abdomen and those with large abdomen to keep fit.


How to improve hunchback

1. Pay attention to the posture of the body, whether standing or walking, the chest is naturally straight, and the shoulders are naturally stretched back. The spine is straight when sitting. Don’t lower your head too much when reading or writing, let alone lying on the table. What people say is to “stand like pine and sit like a clock”, which makes sense.
2. It is best for adolescents who are developing to sleep on hardboard to keep the spine straight during sleep.
3. Strengthen physical exercise. Take physical education classes seriously, do a good job of exercises between classes, and promote the development of muscle strength. Do corrective gymnastics on the basis of the overall exercise. There are many kinds of corrective gymnastics, including various forms of freehand exercises, and corrective exercises using various sports equipment. Correction of kyphosis is mainly to strengthen the back muscles, straighten the trunk and expand the chest.
4. Sit on the chair, grab the sides of the chair behind the hips with both hands, hold your head high, stretch your shoulders back, hold for 10 to 15 minutes each time, 3 to 4 times a day.
5. Back to the wall, about 30 cm away from the wall, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your arms up and extend them back, raise your head at the same time, touch the wall with your hands and restore again, repeat 10 times, do 2~3 daily Times.
6. Lie on your back on the bed, place a 6-10 cm thick object on the protruding part of the hunchback, relax your whole body, straighten your arms naturally, with your palms facing up, and your shoulders back. Keep lying on your back for more than 5 minutes. Do 2~3 daily. Times.
7. Sit or stand, hold the gymnastic rod in both hands, lay it on your shoulders and back, straighten your chest and raise your head, and stop when you feel the muscles of the shoulders and backs.


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