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Princess Beatrice used this trick to slim – will she follow a diet plan?

Princess Beatrice used this trick to slim – will she follow a diet plan?

The 31-year-old princess recently announced her engagement with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (also known as Edo). The wedding is expected to be held early next year and the royal family may be on a diet. What plan did she use in the past?

Her personal trainer, Nadya Fairweather, revealed in 2014 that by combining a healthy diet plan with regular exercise, Beatrice loses weight first.

Nadya has been training Beatrice for five years, and she promotes the healthy habits of Beatrice.

Beatrice is in good condition. She ate and helped. Nadia explained.

She said: “Her diet is really healthy, but her diet is very rich. In this celebrity world, there are hungry people everywhere, they are crazy for fashion, I totally disagree with this diet.

“The curve of Beatrice (Biatris) is beautiful, she is particularly interested in this.”

The personal trainer also explained that the royal family members lost weight by focusing on outdoor sports and road training.

After adding exercise to her daily activities, she managed to change her lifestyle.

“Every time I see her, we do a full-body workout. We schedule the load in an hour of training because she has amazing recovery time between each set of exercises.”

“We started from the lower body and then studied large muscle groups such as the quadriceps. I am a loyal supporter of squats and bows.

“As you get healthier and health improves, you can start more intense sports. I am doing a lot of influential work with Beatrice, jumping off squats and lunges. ”

Recently, Beatrice (Beatrice) sparked speculation that she chose a botanical diet to make it healthy.

According to the Sunday Post, at this year’s birthday party, the royal family chose a vegetarian menu and a birthday cake without dairy products.



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