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Today Women’s Sport in the International Conferences.

The world’s interest in women’s movements is growing, especially in Canada, Australia and the United States, and this movement can be seen at international conferences on women and sports. At the first World Conference on Women and Sports held in Brighton, the International Working Group on Women and Sports (IWG) was established. The IWG is an independent government and non-governmental organization that aims to empower women and improve their role in sports. The IWG holds an international conference on women and sports every four years.

Representatives of governments and other major women’s sports organizations participated in international conferences. They discussed the status and problems faced by women in the sports world and announced a declaration and strategic plan to improve the environment of women athletes around the world.

4. Today Women’s Sport movement

The “Basic Sports Law” stipulates that “sports is a universally shared human culture.” Exercise can rejuvenate your body and mind and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can enhance self-efficacy and can be an effective means of communication.

Recently, we have encountered many outstanding performances of female players in football and baseball games. In the past, these games were considered male sports.

Today Women’s Sport

The 204 most populous countries and regions in the history of the Olympic Games participated in the Beijing Olympics.

When we see the history of women’s sports, the gap between men and women in sports seems to be getting smaller and smaller. However, there are still some problems that must be solved in the female movement. In short, the number of female coaches who are likely to become leaders has not increased.

Taking into account these issues in women’s sports, the Japan Sports Women’s Research Center encourages research to ensure that female athletes can focus on athletic performance in a better environment.

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