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What Are The Tips For Hip Lifting?

What Are The Tips For Hip Lifting?

Have a good-looking buttock, summer and spring clothes will look good, girls with good-looking buttocks will be envious, what are the tips for a butt lift, if you want to know how to lift the butt, Let’s take a look!


What are the tips for hip lifting?

1. Lying on your side

This action can be practiced in the bed before going to bed, every day before going to bed, do some side-lying leg raises. Lie on your side on the bed, bend the lower leg backward to 90°C, lift the upper leg, as high as possible, hold it for 3-5 seconds after reaching a level that you cannot bear, and then slowly lower it. Change to the other leg. Raise each leg 10 times in this way, not too fast or too slow, just moderate.

Some tips for hip lifting.


2. Climb more stairs

It is said that the reason why people are obese is that in addition to being born genetically and being able to eat, there is also not exercising, so fat accumulation leads to obesity. And climbing stairs is one of the effective ways to lose weight, and it is also a good way to lift your hips. When you climb up the stairs, your thighs and buttocks will be well exercised. So, girls, don’t be lazy and just take the elevator. If you have time, please climb more stairs.


3. Use hips instead of feet to walk

I think this action is quite difficult. Sit on the carpet, stretch your knees straight, stretch your hands forward, raise your head, and then stretch your right hand, use your hips to move your right leg forward. Do the same movement with the left hand and the left leg, and gradually increase the distance after moving forward two or three times. Although this method is a bit difficult, it can reduce the hips and abdomen.


4. Kneeling and raising your legs

This movement requires limbs. Keep your elbows on the ground, straighten your spine, stretch your abdomen, kneel on the ground, bring your legs together, lift your left leg, stretch it parallel to the ground, tighten your toes firmly, let your heels face up, and repeat 15- 20 times.


Which equipment in the gym is suitable for hip lifting?

If you train your hips in the gym, the equipment you need to use our tensioners, barbells, pull-up boosters, fixed equipment, and so on. Choosing compound hip extension exercises roughly exercises the entire buttocks, such as squats, deadlifts, hip bridges, and other multi-joint compound movements, and squats and deadlifts are very valuable in training.


What should I pay attention to when training the buttocks?

If it is a multi-joint exercise, such as squat (knee joint, hip joint, pelvis), if you can’t find the obvious feeling of force in the hips, or if the force of the thigh is stronger than the hip, it is not recommended to train with a heavyweight. If you feel that you find it better, you can increase the weight appropriately. As for the training frequency, if the target muscle training intensity is high, you can rest for 72 hours. If the intensity is low, you can do it every other day.


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