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What Are The Hot Body Styles Of Slimming Yoga?

What Are The Hot Body Styles Of Slimming Yoga?

Slimming yoga is an effective and well-known fitness exercise. Slimming yoga can be trained by both young and old, and there are many benefits and uses of slimming yoga. Of course, before doing slimming yoga, it is very good to do some hot body styles. So, what are the hot body styles of slimming yoga? Let’s take a look.


 1. Forest style
Stand up with your feet standing together, with your arms naturally on your side, and take a deep breath.
 2. Forest style on tiptoe
Stand with your feet together, straight arms up, palms up, arms stretched upwards, as if you want to touch the sky, slowly, heels off the ground, center of gravity on the tip of the two to maintain balance.
 3. Stump type
Look at a point in front to balance your body, slowly lift your right foot and place it on the inside of your left leg, the higher the better As the level of confidence increases, raise your arms over your head as much as possible.

the hot body styles of slimming yoga

 4. Half-dog style
Find a table that is the same height as your waist, stand facing the table, bend your body so that your palms lie flat on the table, palms down.
 5. Dog oblique
Both feet are as wide as the shoulders, the knees are relaxed and bent, and both hands are flat on the knees. Imagine that the navel is stretched up to the ceiling, and then it is dropped. The two actions of bending the back into a bow (dog oblique) and bending them back into a round (cat oblique) alternately. Dogs inhale when inclined, and cats exhale when inclined.
 6. Warrior style
Stand with your feet apart. Stretch your arms as far as possible, turning your legs and head to the right. Slightly bend the right leg. Ready to change direction and practice on the other side.


 7. Triangle
Warrior style Next, straighten your legs so that your feet are facing right. Tilt your body to the right. Straighten the left arm upward. The right arm extends down the right leg.
 8. Straighten your legs and back
Prepare in a sitting position, straighten your legs in front of your body, relax your knees, the knees can be slightly bent. If this is more comfortable. The torso of the upper limb is bent, and the arms are stretched to grasp both feet. If you can’t touch your feet with both hands, grab your lower legs. If you are uncomfortable with this gesture. To change it, simply lie down on your back, hold your knees with your arms and lean towards your chest as much as possible, keeping a long deep breath.


 9. Breast enlargement
Stand upright with your hands behind your back, hold your shoulders down, and lift your arms upwards. Bring your chest upwards. The higher the lift, the better.
 10. Stretching neck forest style
Prepare to stand upright, gently tilt the head to the side, so that the right ear is comfortably placed on the right shoulder. Ready to change direction and practice on the other side.



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