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Precautions For Going To Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic. (1)

Precautions For Going To Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic. (1)

It has been nearly a year since the outbreak of the COVID-19, but the number of patients is still increasing. Faced with this difficult situation, we still have to continue to work to better weather this difficult period. Therefore, we are working at the same time We still have to protect ourselves. Next, let’s talk about how to protect ourselves at work and create a healthy working environment.

Precautions for going to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. What to pay attention to before going to work?

Before going to work, you should report important information about your vacation and register it, such as: leaving work, returning to work time, going out location, transportation, etc., and important contact information and personal body during the middle period of leaving work and returning to work Conditions, such as travel history in Wuhan and other areas where local cases continue to spread within 14 days, contact with patients with fever or respiratory symptoms in the above areas, contact with patients with new coronavirus infection, it is recommended that you take home office and self-service after reporting Isolate and stay away from contact for 14 days. If you have related symptoms, you should isolate yourself at home and go to the hospital if necessary.


2. What should I pay attention to on the way to work?

Try not to take public transportation. It is recommended to walk, cycle, or take a private car or shuttle to work, and disinfect it. If you must take public transportation, you must wear a mask all the way, and try to avoid touching the objects on the car with your hands. No matter what form of public transportation, it is unavoidable to deal with people, so at this time everyone must raise their awareness of epidemic prevention and try their best to do their own defense. During driving, you can actively discuss with the driver to open more windows for ventilation to maintain air circulation.


3. What should I pay attention to when entering the building?

Before entering the office building, consciously accept a temperature test. If the temperature is normal, you can work in the building and wash your hands in the bathroom. If your body temperature exceeds 37.3℃, please refrain from working in the building, go home to observe and rest, and go to the hospital if necessary.


It should be pointed out that, please try to reduce the frequency of taking the elevator as much as possible. Office workers on the lower floors can walk on the stairs. If you have to ride, do not remove the mask during the elevator ride. Take toilet paper (gloves) with you, and press the elevator button through the toilet paper (gloves). Dispose of toilet paper (gloves) properly after use. When waiting for the elevator, stand on both sides of the hall door, do not get too close to the hall door, and do not face the passengers walking out of the elevator car. After the passengers get out of the car, press and hold the button outside the elevator hall to prevent the elevator from closing, and wait a while before entering the elevator. Try to avoid taking the elevator with multiple strangers. Passengers with plenty of time can wait patiently for the next elevator. Try not to use the elevator to carry items, and reduce the contact of your belongings with the elevator car. After taking the elevator, wash your hands and disinfect in time.

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