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Can the belly trainer be worn when eating?

There are a lot of weight-loss products on the market, the belly trainer is one of them. Many women like to wear a belt all the time. They feel that they can lose weight more quickly. Can the belt be worn when eating? Let’s take a look together.


Can the belly trainer be worn when eating?

No, because wearing a belly trainer to eat is inconvenient, and the other will also affect the digestion and absorption process of food into the intestine. Because the abdominal belt will compress the intestines and slow down the bowel movements after a meal, resulting in decreased appetite or constipation, which will affect the weight loss effect.

Before and after wearing the belly trainer.


When is the best time to wear the belly trainer?

Tie the abdominal band half an hour after a meal. The best time to tie the abdominal band within a day is generally to take it off half an hour to one hour before a meal and put it on again half an hour to one hour after a meal. Taking off the abdominal belt half an hour before meals are to relax the waist and facilitate eating while putting it on half an hour after meals can tighten the waist and abdomen and avoid the accumulation of abdominal fat.


What should I pay attention to when wearing the belly trainer?

1. How to wear the waistband is correct

The corset is put on half an hour after meals and after urination every day and taken off before going to bed. Use both hands to bring the meat on both sides to the middle of the belly, and then bring the fat on the lower abdomen to the top, all together, start from the pubic bone and wrap around the waist to the height of the tail bone. Pay attention to flattening the waistband during the winding process, so that the waistband will not slip and achieve better weight loss.


Second, the waist should not be too tight

The waistband is also called the abdomen belt, which uses a bandage to wrap around the waist to achieve the waistband effect. It has a certain effect on fixing and protecting the waist, promoting postpartum abdomen, and assisting a thin waist. Some people will wrap the waist tightly in order to thin the waist and shape the perfect body shape. In fact, this is a very bad practice. Too tight waist binding is very harmful to the body, and it will squeeze the organs if it is too tight. Cause a series of diseases, poor quality belts can also cause skin allergies.


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Before and after wearing the belly trainer.

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