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Exercise Where To Start? How To Stay Slim

Exercise Where To Start? How To Stay Slim

Many people like slim bodies. When it comes to this people think of fitness, how to do fitness is right, where do you start, let me tell you:

Warm-up before going on the treadmill
Many people who are working out for the first time don’t say a few steps on the treadmill as soon as they enter the gym. In fact, this approach is incorrect. Before running, you should do warm-up exercises. Warm-up exercises can increase the temperature of the muscles and make the muscles softer and less prone to strain. You can first press your legs or do several squats.
Test balance before practicing large equipment
People who walk into the gym for the first time will experience sports injuries more or less within 45 days. Because large equipment requires high flexibility and balance of the body, be sure to perform at least one month of balance, stability, and flexibility before practicing.
Strength exercises start with dumbbells
Many fitness novices are new to the gym and want to practice all the equipment. Aerobic training equipment such as treadmills will generally not cause sports injuries if they warm up.

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40 minutes is the best time for exercise
Many people will stay for several hours as soon as they get to the gym. They still do n’t find it fun to connect all the equipment. This can easily make people tired, cause muscle aches, and a little carelessness will cause sports injuries.
For fitness novices, 40 minutes is enough. You can jog for 15-20 minutes, exercise for 10 minutes, and do some flexibility training.
Wear jogging shoes and platform socks for fitness
Many people often wear flat shoes or canvas shoes for fitness. Such shoes have thin soles, and novice foot muscles are in a relaxed state, which can easily cause cramps or sprains. Therefore, for the first time, it is best to choose jogging shoes, training shoes or platform socks.

It is essential to maintain a good figure and fitness, but there are other ways to help us have a slim figure, and wearing a waist trainer can help us.


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