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Kim Kardashian’s solution shapewear unpacking evaluation, is it worth buying?

Kim Kardashian’s solution corset unpacking evaluation, is it worth buying?

Kim Kardashian is getting generous with her SKIMS press box, maybe that’s because she has a lot to make up for.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star is showcasing the swag she’s giving her besties and it’s costing her a pretty penny. Of course, she’ll make up for the cash when her famous friends hawk the line in front of millions of their social media followers.

SKIMS isn’t available to the average person just yet, but she’s giving us a peek inside.


The Packaging:

“I just got my press box for SKIMS. I’m so excited, guys!” Kim says.

Showcasing the packaging, the star shows her A-list buddies’ shapewear will be delivered in a gift bag featuring her campaign for the line, which was originally named Kimono.


Open up the packaging to find a line sheet that explains exactly what’s inside.

Explaining that SKIMS comes in 9 different shades, Kim also shows the line sheet explains the benefits of each item and how to wear.

Shady Drawers:

“We have a drawer for each product,” Kim states while showing several different skin shade colors are represented on each drawer.

The Product:

Kim pulls out three separate pieces to show fans.

On the left, in the lightest shade, a high-waisted brief, while the middle is the bodysuit and the left, the bra.

She explains that each drawer will come with a separate product in whichever color suits best for the consumer.

No doubt these boxes will be popping up on her best friend’s like La La Anthony, Chrissy Teigen and all her sisters’ IGs soon.

Kimono Controversy:

Kim Kardashian recently announced the new name of her shapewear line after catching major heat earlier this summer when she originally named it Kimono.

As we reported, the move by Kardashian caused such international shockwaves that the Mayor of the Japanese city of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa, asked her to reconsider the name.

Fans were up in arms over the name accusing her of culture appropriation and trying to make money off the Japanese culture.



Video Editor Emma on SKIMS high-waisted shorts: “The middle part is super-constricting, so if you’re into that for shapewear, these are pretty good. What I do like, also, is the legs. A lot of times with shorts that’ll be way too tight, you’ll get a seam on your leg. The seam is actually pretty flexible, and it’s not cutting in.


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