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Can I Slim My Legs By Climbing?

Can I Slim My Legs By Climbing?

Many people living in cities like to take advantage of their rest and go hiking in the suburbs to exercise. Many people will feel sore muscles after climbing, thinking that climbing is to build muscles and thick legs. But some people think that climbing not only will not thicken the legs but will also thin the legs. So do you think climbing can make your legs thin? Let’s take a look at the fitness knowledge!


Can I slim my legs by climbing?

Climbing can thin legs. Mountain climbing is an aerobic exercise. As long as the amount of exercise is appropriate and the climbing posture is correct, it can speed up metabolism, promote blood circulation, and have the effect of burning calories and fat, especially when going uphill or climbing stairs. The legs can consume the fat of the legs during the process of constantly lifting, falling, and walking, which has the effect of a stovepipe.

slim my legs by climbing

When climbing a mountain, our thighs are always at an angle to the hillside. This is the hardest time. If we go climbing regularly, we can strengthen our leg muscles and leg strength exercises. Mountain climbing can also absorb freshness to the top of the mountain. The air and feelings will be at the top, and the feeling of seeing the small mountains can not only broaden our vision but also achieve the effect of exercising. Of course, the most important thing is the stovepipe.


What exercises are best for stovepipe?

High leg up

The main points of the action of raising the legs: the human body stands up straight, eyes looking straight ahead, one leg is raised, the other leg is supported, the two legs are exchanged, and the height-to-width ratio of the root of the thigh should be parallel to the road surface. Step on the ground forcefully, and swing your arms forward, backward, left, and right to complement the rhythm of knee bending. As one of the basic exercises of running training, high leg raising can not only improve our cardiorespiratory function, but also effectively exercise the leg muscles, reduce the fat on the inner and outer thighs, and make the leg lines more obvious.



The effect of stovepipe can also be achieved through targeted yoga exercises. The simplest yoga stovepipe exercise: half-lotus spinal twist yoga, practice: sit up, straighten your legs forward, bend your left leg on your right thigh, with the soles of your feet facing up. Exhale, stretch your left arm forward, grab the toe of your right foot with your left hand, turn your upper body to the right, draw your right arm to your back, and wrap your right hand on the left side of your waist. Inhale, then exhale, while turning the head and upper torso to the right as much as possible, keep breathing naturally for 20 seconds, and switch to the other side.


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