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There Are Eight Ways To Skinny Legs(1)

There Are Eight Ways To Skinny Legs(1)

Skinny Leg exercise 1, skipping rope
Skipping is a very effective aerobic exercise. In addition to the general benefits of sports, it has many unique advantages. Skipping rope consumes 400 calories every half hour. It is a bodybuilding exercise, which helps the heart and lungs and other organs, coordination, posture, weight loss and so on. Uninterrupted skipping for 10 minutes is similar to the calories consumed by jogging for 30 minutes. Long-term adherence can tighten your legs.
Skinny Leg Exercise 2, Swimming
Swimming is a great way to lose weight in summer, but it is not too much for the legs. If you want to lose the flesh of your legs, you can choose to walk in shallow water or wear a life jacket Walking in deep water, the natural resistance of the water can give your thighs a strong workout.

Skinny legs

Skinny Leg Exercises 3
This local stovepipe exercise is very effective, just do it in bed for a few minutes before going to bed at night. Lie on your back with your feet up, pedaling like a bicycle, doing 200 to 300 strokes a day, and splitting your legs about 80 degrees after you finish. This method is very effective for removing the meat from the root of the thigh!
Skinny leg exercise
Stand in an upright position with your body straight, especially that your legs cannot be bent, and your hands naturally rest on your sides. After doing the preparatory posture, start exercise, keep your upper body, that is, do not bend your back, then bend your knees, squat until both hands can touch your toes, and then slowly return to the original position. The whole process will last about 3 seconds. Do it 3 times in 10 seconds as the speed, you can speed up after getting used to it. Remember, don’t bend your back muscles when squatting, and don’t use too much force when touching your toes with your hands.

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