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We Tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Shapewear Line.

We Tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Shapewear Line!

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“I have never worn any shaping clothes, mainly because I am a “curveless creature.” Because there is nothing to “shape” on the top, I chose to try to engrave the middle of the thigh in the sand. It looks like Designed for toddlers, with two small “pockets” to hold my calf without squeezing it, this is the most exciting claim that these locomotive shorts have for me, it piles up all my ass In the ideal position. The fabric looks breathable, not itch or very irritating. The shorts are easy to put on, the rubber belt is comfortable, and the clothes are fixed in place. But the two small butt pockets are very long for me. The long torso and left an unattractive dimple, they eventually squashed instead of rounding my back.

What I really appreciate is that the small saddle bag on the thigh is compressed. This gives the wrong feeling of exercising in the past few months. I tried it for a day under a pair of sticky trousers that had been tight. I like the tightness of the waist, I feel the waist/hip profile is thicker, and I like it to make my lower part smoother. I also think that if people are prone to camel toes, then these shorts can eliminate this situation.

I feel like sausage all day, eating a piece of pizza is like squandering, even though I never feel inside. At the end of the day, I was very happy to undress. Surprisingly, the discomfort I felt all day was actually viscose trousers, not corsets. I will wear these short-legged shorts again, this time the clothes are not so narrow. ” — Photo Editor Bridget Burns

The second point of these shorts…

“When I first received the middle thigh shaping shorts on my thighs, I can at least say that I doubted it. The exact words I saw were ‘Kimberley, girl… are you real?’ For small shorts, the shorts don’t seem too small, even a person who is designated as an intermediate short (I can choose any one according to the actual situation of the day), but I am shocked by the number of products. Going, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this pair of shorts is suitable for me, not only fit, but the corset really gave me the shape! The carved shorts tightened in my middle waist and gave me “What is the golden waist?” “I wear a bodysuit with several different outfits (including wearing a sexy slip dress at a friend’s wedding, a coordination suit that embraces the body, and a fun brunch jumpsuit). Every time I wear it, I provide real for the hourglass. sense.


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