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How To Shape The Waist, Shape The Legs, Shape The Arms?(1)

There Are 8 Shaping Moves To Shape The Waist.

Everyone knows that practicing yoga can not only calm our minds and make our minds more peaceful, but also make our bodies more symmetrical. After being slim and slender, people look younger. In order to achieve this goal, the following 8 shaping actions are prepared for everyone to help you shape the waist, shape legs, shape arms.


First, stand in mountain pose, with left foot toe left, body bent to the left, right foot raised, calf bent, right-hand grasp right calf. This action can stretch the ligaments, strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms, and also tighten the muscles, making the body more linear, helping you shape the waist, shape legs, shape arms.

There are 8 shaping moves to shape the waist.

Wind blowing tree pose, this is a basic yoga pose. It can help us relax the whole body, relieve tension, flexible lumbar spine, and spine, and exercise the muscles of the waist, abdomen, and arms, and look firmer. This shaping action can help us shape the waist, shape legs, shape arms. Let’s take a look at how to do the wind blowing tree pose is made!


A detailed explanation of wind blowing tree pose:
1. Stand up in mountain pose, then bring your legs together and place your legs at your sides to adjust your breathing.
2. Inhale, slowly raise your hands to the top of your head, and then clasp your hands.
3. Exhale, slowly bend your body to the left, step by step, and don’t bend too much to hurt your muscles.
4. Breathe smoothly, relax the body and mind, hold for 30~60 seconds, generally repeat 4~8 groups.


Side pigeon pose, I believe everyone is familiar with it. This pose can fully mobilize the joints and muscles of the whole body, open the shoulder joints, lumbar joints and hip joints, correct scoliosis, tighten the muscles and make the body more symmetrical. Sit on your knees first, then your left foot forwards, the soles of your feet are on the ground, your right feet are back, your knees are on the ground, your calves are bent upwards, your body is leaning backward, your right toes are placed on the curve of your right arm, and your hands are clasped behind your head. This shaping action allows us to shape the waist, shape the legs, shape the arms, and have many effects. However, people with knee or ligament injuries are not suitable for practice.



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