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The role of functional training in fitness (2)

In the previous article, we learned what functional training is, and now we come to understand how to perform training. Functional training has higher requirements for athletes’ physical fitness, and certain requirements for strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and speed. Therefore, only athletes with good physical fitness can perform functional training better. Having good athletic ability will make the effect of functional training more effective, and at the same time can effectively reduce the occurrence of sports injuries. These abilities usually include speed, coordination, strength, etc.




The sequence of training and the rationality of collocation ensure that the training time and training system are constantly improved to achieve the expected results. Otherwise, the training effect will not be achieved, but it may also cause harm to the body, as in the case of athletes during fast-strength training. Don’t train endurance at the same time.

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Since functional training also has certain requirements for physical flexibility, it is necessary to perform stretching training before and after exercise. Stretching is divided into static stretching and dynamic stretching. Stretching before exercise can make the body enter the optimal state of exercise faster. Static stretching training after training can effectively relax the muscles. Cooperate with certain static stretching and dynamic stretching to strengthen the training of muscle flexibility. This is not only conducive to the improvement of athletic ability but also effectively prevents the occurrence of sports injuries.



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In functional training, it is necessary to appropriately control the load, according to the needs of the exercise, arrange the training time and training intensity reasonably, and arrange the exercise sequence according to the principle of most beneficial to the development of the human body, such as training flexibility at the beginning of the exercise, etc. Perform endurance training in the second half of the exercise.


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