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How to repair the body after fitness training?

How to repair the body after fitness training?


After fitness training, perform mutual massage and self-massage to quickly re-transform or transform the lactic acid in the muscles, transform the muscles to relax and eliminate fatigue. Massage is generally performed within 20-30 minutes after exercise or while sleeping at night. The massage starts with light pressing, and transitions to pushing, rubbing, rubbing, stepping, and tapping, with partial alignment and passive activities. The massage should be carried out from the distal end to the proximal end, that is, from the small feet, thighs to the back, from the hands, forearms, upper arms to the tibia, electric massage or water massage can also be used.


After 20 minutes of fitness training, it is best to take a warm bath and keep the water temperature within 30-40 seconds. The alternation of warm water baths has a calming effect on the cardiovascular system and central nervous system (brain), can promote blood circulation, keep the skin clean, remove waste from the body, eliminate muscle tension, eliminate soreness, and speed up the body’s recovery.


How to repair the body after fitness training?


Therefore, it is necessary to properly strengthen diet and nutrition and supplement vitamins after training. In addition, if you only pay attention to protein supplementation and substitute supplementation, the body cannot obtain enough energy materials. , Muscles cannot store energy in the form of muscle glycogen during the process of excessive recovery. If the energy reserves of the muscles are not restored to the position level during the next training, the muscles will continue to fatigue. Therefore, dietary adjustment after fitness training is very important.


Therefore, after training, it is advisable to adopt qigong or a form of relaxation, combined with relaxing and enjoyable cultural and entertainment activities, to eliminate mental tension and nervous system fatigue.


In short, recovery after fitness training is very important, and both fitness athletes and fitness enthusiasts should arouse enough awareness.


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