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How to quickly lose belly?

How to quickly lose belly?



1. Tighten the abdomen and walk fast


Experiments have shown that brisk walking consumes more calories than running, in other words, brisk walking can make you lose weight faster! And if you can inhale and tighten your abdomen while walking briskly, this exercise with muscle traction can double the rate of fat decomposition.



walk fast


2. Stick to the wall and stand upright every night


Standing against the wall can actually burn fat. In the process of standing against the wall, the muscles contract and tighten, the blood circulation speed increases, the basal metabolic rate increases, and the fat in the waist and abdomen begin to be disassembled.


3. Abdominal massage accelerates lipolysis


It is mentioned in the theory of Chinese medicine that there are many meridians in the abdomen, especially the veins. Massage with a pulse can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate lymphatic circulation, and promote the breakdown of fat. If it can be combined with some essential oils (such as grapefruit, geranium, juniper, citrus, etc.) massage can have a better effect of thinning the waist and abdomen.



Abdominal massage


4. Supplement more vitamin B family


Vitamin B family is a natural weight-loss nutritional supplement. Although it cannot directly fight fat like weight-loss drugs, it can improve the physical environment and build a body that is not easy to gain weight.


5. Hula hoop training


The hula hoop is a very targeted waist and abdomen slimming training method. During exercise, it can not only exercise the lumbar spine and muscles but also exercise the waist and abdomen fat that is not easy to exercise.



Hula hoop


6. Adjust your diet


In your daily diet, try to eat more green vegetables to reduce fat and carbohydrate intake. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the intake of calcium and protein, because they can maintain long-term fullness while inhibiting fat accumulation.


Oolong tea, green tea, jasmine tea, etc. can effectively inhibit fat absorption and can reduce the saturation rate of neutral fat in the body.


The above is a quick way to lose belly, I hope it will help you.



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