Wholesale Black Latex High Elastic Waist Trimming Belt MHW100405B

Product Name Wholesale Black Latex High Elastic Waist Trimming Belt MHW100405B
Size 3XS-6XL
Color Black
Design 2022 New Design by Nanbin Design Team
Material latex
Washing Can Dry Clean
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Product Details

Waist Trimming Belt 1   Waist Trimming Belt 2 Waist Trimming Belt 3 Waist Trimming Belt 4 Waist Trimming Belt 5Waist Trimming Belt 6Waist Trimming Belt 7Waist Trimming Belt 8

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Selling Points

1. Three layers of latex, the middle layer is made of natural latex, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, and has insecticidal and antibacterial effects.

2. Waist Trimming Belt fabric has strong resilience and good body sculpting effect.

3. The inner layer is made of cotton, which is hygroscopic and breathable.

4. Five spring steel bones have the properties of high elasticity and strong resilience. Enhances the body shaping effect, supports the back and protects the waist.

5. Three-dimensional cutting, more suitable for body shape, more scientific waist protection and body sculpting.

6. The OK fabric can be pasted with Velcro at will to achieve the comfort and tightness required by itself.

7. It is very suitable for different body types, no matter what body type you are, you can use it.

How to custom Wholesale Black Latex High Elastic Waist Trimming Belt


How to custom 13 steel bone waist trainerservices we can offer


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Product Name: Wholesale Black Latex High Elastic Waist Trimming Belt MHW100405B


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