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Wholesale Plus Size Fajas 2 in 1 BBL Curve Shorts – MT000127


MOQ: 30
Color: black
Size: 3XS to 6XL
Weight: 0.35kg
SKU: MT000127
Service: OEM/ODM Curve BBL Shorts, Customization(size/color/hangtag/package/private lable, etc)

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Description & Details

1, The milk silk fabric used in the product, the softness and skin affinity of milk silk are better than cashmere, air permeability and moisture conductivity are good; And its warmth is close to cashmere, good warmth; Because the milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this fabric, and it has a certain maintenance effect on the skin.

2, Mesh fabric weaving precision, mesh fabric is composed of countless diamond shape has a good shaping effect when wearing.

3, Milk silk and mesh fabric pant body design is comfortable and soft at the same time the body shaping effect is also very good 4, the design of the buttocks can make the buttocks look fuller.

5, The rear Velcro stick and detachable cross belt design, customers can choose to wear according to their own needs.

6, Zipper inner layer built-in nine-word buckle and single breasted, high safety factor when wearing, not easy to slip.

7, YKK zipper has a self-locking device is not easy to slip, and YKK zipper service life is very long, is one of the best zippers in the world.

8, The lace foot built-in silicone anti-slip strip can prevent curling.

9,The open design is more convenient for toilet use, in line with the needs of the public



Wholesale Curve BBL Shorts 2 in 1 Shapewear panties

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, OEM/ODM supported, sample available, factory prices provided, 24 hours fast shipping, Inquiry now!

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Product Name: Wholesale Plus Size Fajas 2 in 1 BBL Curve Shorts – MT000127


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