SKU: MHW100006
Weight: 0.70kg
Material: Smooth leather natural latex, 96% cotton + 4% spandex
Color: black, nude, red, white, brown
Size: 3XS-6XL or custom
MOQ:2 piece
Packing: 1pc/opp bag
Shipping: FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS
Design: OEM/ODM, hangtag, package, private label, etc
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Description & Details

1. Natural latex is used, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. It has insecticidal and antibacterial effects. The fabric has strong resilience and good body shaping effect; the inner layer is made of cotton, which has hygroscopicity and breathability. The layer has the functions of sweat absorption, soft and skin-friendly.
2. There are 25 built-in spring memory steel bones, which increase the body shaping effect, protect the waist and improve posture. At the same time, the memory steel bones have the characteristics of balanced pressure, which can make the waist better shaped and shape, and can also prevent the shapewear from curling.
3. Wide range of 11.5 inches height body shaping.
4. The four-breasted buckle closure method has a wider adjustable range than the three-breasted buckle. The buckle is made of stainless steel that is not easy to oxidize; at the same time, our breasted buckle is fitted with a skin-friendly cotton cloth. Make the wearer more comfortable.

Use Tips:
1. It is not machine washable. If you sweat less during wearing, you don’t have to rush to clean it every time. Just apply it with a wet towel, store it after drying and sprinkle some talcum powder (talc powder); if you are wearing it If you sweat a lot during the process, or if you haven’t washed it for a long time, you need to wash it with clean water in time (if you don’t wash it in time, the grease and sweat that stick to it during wearing may accelerate the aging of latex). After it dries completely, apply a small amount of talcum powder. And keep it in a dry, cool place with less dust. It is best to choose the way of hanging.
2. In the storage place, it is best to wrap it in a paper bag and store it in a dark place; store it in a cool, dry environment without contact with acid, alkali, and avoid exposure to the sun.

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