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Some Mistakes in the exercise you should notice.

Some Mistakes in the exercise you should notice.


Some people lack understanding of the nature of the exercise, their own physiological stage and safety movement, or have a wrong understanding of exercise, long-term adherence to wrong exercise habits and exercise, it is difficult to achieve the desired results, even if some benign changes, it has caused the body Other aspects of damage.

Exercise seems easy. Go to the gym, try some weight machines, add some aerobics and call it a day. But this attitude will hurt you. If you are not hurt to some extent, you may be overworked while completely losing others.

If you are able to identify the seven common motion errors listed below – and learn how to avoid them – you will be able to reach almost any fitness goal.

First, the initial movement requires a lot of exercise and high-intensity exercise. Suddenly a lot of exercises, the body is difficult to adapt, there will be severe fatigue, body aches or cause old diseases, but also cause tendon, muscle strain, difficult to adhere to long-term exercise.

Secondly, when I first used these devices, I thought I only needed to run all the devices once. In fact, there is no need to exercise every time. This will take a lot of time, and because the sudden amount of exercise is too large and too strong, there will be body pain and it is difficult to maintain normal exercise. Finally, as long as you exercise more, you can lose weight without controlling your diet. This method can only achieve a balance between calories in and out of calories or increased fat.

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