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How to exercise to lose weight the fastest?

How to exercise to lose weight the fastest?

First: skipping rope

Calorie consumption: 93.3 kcal/10 minutes
That’s right~ Jump rope first! Rope skipping is an exercise that can exercise the muscles of the whole body, especially for the excess fat on the buttocks and thighs. It can also shape the lines of the arms, and the calorie consumption should not be underestimated.


Second: Swimming (freestyle, backstroke)

Calorie consumption: 74.7 kcal/10 minutes
Because exercising in the water requires more pressure and resistance to overcome, the fat burning effect will be more significant. In addition, swimming can fully exercise cardiopulmonary function and increase lung capacity, thereby enhancing physical fitness and improving resistance.

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Third: running

Calories burned: 65.3 kcal/10 minutes (jogging)
Running is the preferred exercise for most people to lose weight. It can exercise all body muscles and help lose weight!
In addition, running can not only strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, but also improve the strength of joints, the flexibility of ligaments, increase the strength and density of bones, and it can effectively release stress, and be happy.


Fourth: riding a bicycle

Calorie consumption: 37.3-56 kcal/10 minutes
Cycling is especially suitable for little fairies with a large weight base and compared to running and skipping rope, it can reduce joint damage.
Bicycles are also a good tool to prevent heart disease and have certain effects on enhancing heart and lung function and keeping blood flowing.


Fifth: Badminton

Energy consumption: 42 kcal/10 minutes
Badminton is a recreational activity and a great fat-burning exercise. It can fully exercise your calves and arms. The calories are easily consumed when you play badminton happily. Doesn’t it sound great?


Sixth: Yoga

Calorie consumption: 37.3 kcal/10 minutes
Yoga is a soothing aerobic exercise. The seemingly soft movements actually require high muscle strength and flexibility. If you complete a set of exercises in a standard way, you can exercise all muscles well, reduce excess body fat, and make you sweat unconsciously.


Seventh: walking

Energy consumption: 23.3-37.3 kcal/10 minutes
To build beautiful legs, walk more. Walking is an exercise that can exercise your cardiovascular system. It can help you stay in shape and improve your digestive system.
In addition to exercising leg muscle strength, it can also reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat and promote blood circulation. Walking every day is good for physical and mental health, and it also has unexpected memory enhancement effects!

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