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How to lose fat in thighs and buttocks?

How to lose fat in thighs and buttocks?


How to lose fat in thighs and buttocks? When you exercise for the purpose of whole body weight loss, all parts of your body including the thighs will lose weight. The most effective aerobic fitness exercises that can exercise the legs and buttocks are walking, biking, cross-country skiing, and climbing stairs.


lose fat in thighs methods

1. Running

Running is also a good way to burn calories, but it is not the best choice for people with thick thighs. Because these people find that running is difficult and uncomfortable, they are reluctant to stick to it. It is much better to use a combination of walking and running. When you don’t feel difficult, you can increase running and reduce walking, which can lose fat in thighs faster.


2. Swimming

Swimming is also a systemic aerobic exercise, but swimming does not use too much on the thighs. If you want to build up your thighs in the swimming pool. You can walk in shallow water, or wear a life jacket to walk in deep water. The natural resistance of the water will give your thighs a powerful exercise. This kind of exercise effect is not available on the road.


3. Have a planned exercise

In order to lose fat in thighs and buttocks, each exercise takes 30 minutes. At least 3-5 times a week. Insist on moderate and moderate-intensity exercises. That is to reach 60% of the maximum exercise intensity, you can consume more fat. If you find it difficult to maintain this level of exercise, you can start with a small amount of exercise. Then slowly strengthen. It can also be flexibly mastered in exercise intensity and time. If the exercise intensity is low and easier to perform, the exercise time can be increased. In terms of fat consumption, the effect of walking for 1 hour and running for 20 minutes is the same.



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