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How To Lose Double Chin?Here Are Some Suggestions.

How To Lose Double Chin?

How to lose double chin
In our daily life, many people don’t know how to lose double chin and perform some cosmetic surgery. However, I want to tell you that you can actually remove the double chin without performing cosmetic surgery. So how to remove the double chin? I believe many people don’t know. Today I will introduce to you how to reduce the double chin.


1. Ascension

a. Lie on your back on your back. Support with your shoulders, hang your head outside the edge of the bed, then slowly lift and then fall, repeat 10 times 

b. Without moving your shoulders, just stretch your neck forward as far as possible, hold it for 6 seconds, then slowly pull your chin down as far as possible to the neck, hold this action for 6 seconds and relax, then repeat multiple times.

How To Lose Double Chin?-Chin Fuck

2. Chin Fuck

a. Upper mouth, move chin to the right as far as possible.
b. Move the plot to the left. Make a total of eight groups for each group.


3. Molar exercises

a. Try to open your mouth slowly to the side and stop for 10 seconds.
b. After closing the mouth and biting the molars firmly, stop without force for 10 seconds. Repeat the above set of actions 8 times


4. tongue fuck

a. While pressing your chin with your fingertips, press hard on the tip of your tongue to extend your tongue as far as possible.
b. Just move the tongue to the lower left. At this time, if the muscles of the mouth harden, it is fine.
c. Start to rotate to the right, one rotation is a set of actions, repeat eight times.



The above are some of the ways to reduce double chins. I believe that everyone now has a certain understanding of how to reduce double chins. Then if you want to reduce the double chin in the future, you may wish to try these ways to reduce the double chin, maybe it will have unexpected results. 

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