If you want to lose weight, keep practicing yoga. Cookies
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If You Want To Lose Weight, Keep Practicing Yoga.

If You Want To Lose Weight, Keep Practicing Yoga.

With the improvement of people’s material living standards, obesity is becoming a more and more common problem. We can choose practical yoga exercises to lose weight and not only pay attention to the burning of body fat but also exercise core muscles and shape the body curve. Concave and convex.


Of course, when we practice yoga, we mainly focus on weight loss and shaping. We practice a lot of basic yoga movements, mainly by consuming our own calories. For example, the following types of movements are very practical. You can practice them appropriately according to your actual situation.


The Warrior’s two-style forward and reverse exercise (right) is a whole-body exercise. During the exercise, the body is kept sensitive. Exhale and bend your right knee until the thighs are parallel to the ground. At the same time, the body turns directly forward, the arms are parallel to the ground, and the eyes are looking. In the right-hand direction, keep breathing slowly, and the warrior II in the forward direction is completed. In the next movement, exhale and lean back, place your left hand on your left calf, stretch your right arm upwards, consciously extend your hands to both sides, keep breathing slowly, and look into the sky.

Keep Practicing Yoga

After the body is fully moved, we enter the side triangle stretch (right), exhale first, the right arm drives the body forward, but the right hand inside the right foot, inhale, the left arm extends upward, and presses to the left ear The direction is in a straight line with the left shoulder, the eyes look to the left palm, the right knee is spread out, the back is leaned back, the ribs and armpits are flipped upwards, and we come to the side triangle stretch-type holding action. The body is stable here, the left hip and right axillary are stretched, and the body is stretched and twisted. On the last breath, we return to a simple standing position.


Finally, it ends in a cobra style, fully stretching the lower back and the back neck, exhaling and bending the knees to the ground, flexing both elbows, the chest falling on the ground between the hands, inhale, slowly lift the upper body, extend the arms, and soften the lumbar spine If not enough, we can bend our elbows halfway, lengthen the neck, and look at the fixed points above, let us maintain deep meditation here. Recalling the previous action postures, the waist and abdomen and upper back are fully extended and contracted. At the last breath, we move to the next movement.


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