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Indoor Fitness Method To Lose Weight.

Indoor fitness method to lose weight.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, reducing gatherings has become daily life, so going out for exercise will become less, so how to exercise and lose weight indoors? Here are some indoor fitness methods to lose weight. Let’s take a look!


Jump rhythmic gymnastics

Find a video of rhythmic gymnastics and jump along with it: Not only can you exercise for a certain part of your body, but you can also return your perfect curve. It’s simple and easy to do and there is no space limitation. In addition, you can add a little active atmosphere to your home in the rainy and hazy weather, and make yourself more energetic every day!



Buy an appropriate weight dumbbell and go home. Dumbbells can have the effect of thin arms. It should be noted that in the choice of dumbbells, you must choose a weight that suits you. Too light will not work. Too heavy will not only lose weight but also build muscle. Choose the kind of curved arm to lift, you can feel the effort, but the effortless one is the most suitable.


Indoor fitness method to lose weight.


Curl up

Cross arms and hug your chest, bent legs, heels 30-50 cm from hips, feet flat, toes hooked to the bottom of the furniture, upper body lying flat back; torso and head lean forward when you get up, try to touch the toes Hooked furniture. Try to repeat for 1 minute without interruption. This action can strengthen the abdominal muscles, avoid lower spine pain and maintain a good posture.


3-minute jump

Put a small bench or a bundle of newspapers on the floor, about 30 cm high, first step on the bench with your right foot, step on the ground with your left foot, and then switch positions of your feet at the same time-left foot on the stool, right foot on the ground, Do this alternately, 24 times per minute. This method can exercise the heart’s response to persistent activities and reduce the risk of heart damage.


Body front curve

Stand, raise your head, straighten your chest, open your shoulders, spread your feet shoulder-width apart, stretch your hands behind your back, cross your fists, slowly lean your upper body forward at a 90-degree angle to your body, and then raise your crossed hands up. Don’t bend your arms. Then the body continues downward, the arm is synchronized with the body, and the arm is pressed down hard to make the body as close to the leg as possible. During the whole process, try not to bend the leg. Do it 8 times in total.


Indoor fitness method to lose weight for women.



1. Keep indoor air circulation during exercise so that you can breathe fresh air, but there should be no draughts, and let the cool breeze blow on you. It is best to keep the room temperature at 15°C-20°C, otherwise, it will have adverse effects. It is best to keep the room quiet, and people can exercise with the relaxed and beautiful music rhythm.

2. In addition, the indoor air for fitness exercises should be relatively spacious, and try not to place explosive and sharp-edged objects around to avoid injury.

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