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How To Finish Tummy After Giving Birth ?

Many pregnant women will use the belly belt to reduce the belly. How long does it take to start using the belly belt for the best effect?


If it is a natural delivery, you can start using the belly belt in about 3 days. If it is a caesarean section, then you need to rest for a few more days. Generally, it is better to start using it after 7 days, and wait for the wound to fully recover.


The purpose of the belly belt is to promote the recovery of the wound and avoid postpartum visceral sagging, so it is for health considerations, not just to make the body recover faster, so don’t use it for the wrong purpose.


The belly belt is tied to the body. Generally, it takes 1-2 hours to untie it and take a rest, and then re-tie it when there is no feeling of constriction. Then start repeating like this.


When in use, it cannot be tied too tightly. After being tied, it can pass through one palm, which is a good degree of tightness. If the tie is too tight, the blood cannot flow smoothly, and the dirty things left in the body cannot be smoothly discharged along the blood.


Moreover, if the tie is too tight, the blood circulation will not be smooth, and it will also cause a series of gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, urethritis, etc.


Some mothers are very thin after giving birth, and they will feel a lot of friction with the body when using the belly belt. At this time, you can put a softer towel between the belly belt and the abdomen, so that it will not feel so painful.


You can also buy a segmented design according to your body shape when buying, which is more practical.

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