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How to choose the right corset for daily body sculpting and sports shaping?

How to Choose the Right Corset for Daily Body Sculpting and Sports Shaping?

The ergonomic three-dimensional shear material is more in line with human anatomical features, adjusting body fat distribution, shaping beautiful curves, breast enhancement, abdomen, reducing the effects of the waist, hips, and pantyhose, as well as feminine femininity. Stretched clothes, also known as corsets, tights, corsets, tights, shaped clothes, etc., are functional clothing. It is made of elastic fibers and cut into the skin.

Classification of waist trainers:

1. Daily body sculpting

The elastic suit (breast) is suitable for shapes that have no surgical effect but no coating, and it is desirable to use a shape of a tight elastic sheath to compress and constrain the shape to improve the wearer. Stretch jerseys (boss) usually have separate steel rims, nylon straps, and multi-layer reinforcement. Of course, there is no uniform fabric choice, compression pressure, style design, etc. Personal preference is the only requirement for this kind of elastic clothing (Shems), so basically all kinds of elastic clothing (the breast can be used) as stretchable daily clothing. (bobs), as well as rim steel, nylon rope and multilayer reinforcement for personal body sculpting. ) can only be used for everyday wear and cannot be used for other purposes.

2. Sports body sculpting

This elastic garment (lace) is suitable for sports, gymnastics, dance, cycling, swimming, etc. to protect the skin, strengthen muscle strength, enhance joint flexibility, coordinate body uniformity, and reduce airflow resistance. These elastic garments typically use special stretch fabrics with different functions to meet different sports needs. They have enough pressure to not affect the accuracy of exercise and physical exertion. This type of stretch clothing (bobs) cannot have any rims or lines.


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