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About Kyrie’s Say something to the Nanbin Company

About Kyrie’s Say something to the Nanbin Company! 


I have been to Nanbin Fashion for almost 5 months. I like the atmosphere of working here, I like to help each other with colleagues. I especially like the system of learning here.

Everyone must constantly learn and make progress. Some companies may not pay much attention to training and learning. Others have been making progress, and you have never changed. It is equivalent to retreating. Our company is different, The boss will regularly learn new things and instill in them. The employees have regular training every week, learn more skills and professional knowledge to serve customers better, so that we can provide customers with better service, the customer will eventually choose us. Of course, when someone learns something new, we will also share it with everyone, so that not only others can learn new knowledge, but also exercise your language skills. One day you will become a teacher of others, you can also Teach others a lot, you will become more and more confident, you can talk in front of all people

We have always said that learning is endless, In addition to the company’s training, we also have to learn other things, then how? I think that must be reading, we need to read more books, reading not only helps us learn new concepts, but also enhances emotional intelligence and social awareness. By connecting our lives to the people on the page and connecting them, we are able to work in complex social situations and be better prepared to handle the future. Of course, The most important thing is that we can learn all aspects of the book so that when you communicate with customers, there is a topic to talk about. When you talk to customers, you can talk about geography, can talk about mountains and rivers, and also talk about historical sites and so on, then you will befriend with your customers, and finally, the customer will become your loyal partner.

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