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The history of the waist trainer from 16th to 21th (1)

The history of the waist trainer from 16th to 21th (1).


The corset was the earliest used dress in the British court. It has been very hot for many years now, so we have recently prepared to sort out the history of corsets. If you are interested, you can learn from Wikipedia and other websites. We will give you an introduction to the history of corsets.

The corset has always been a fascinating topic. Many people today think that corsets are the ultimate project for sexy women’s underwear. Others believe that corsets are a symbol of restrictions and restrictions faced by women. This dichotomy of power and power lacks a corset and plays a very important role in today’s fetishism. Some women use a bodice for waist training and use compression to reshape the body. In the mainstream, the real corset is rarely worn, but is replaced by a corset and a corset. This is a brief history of the corset and information about today’s corset.

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16th century

The corset was first popularized in the mid-16th century. At that time, the use of clothing was not to reduce the waist, but to strengthen the chest. The early corsets were hand-made and reinforced with multi-layer linen and other heavy fabrics. The bond is introduced, usually in the form of a wooden shaft, which is inserted into the bag along the front side. Until the middle of the 19th century, sewing machine created an industry, this type of corset is still very popular.

18th century

The Victorian era brought many changes to the corset that is still around us today. The shape of the modern corset is the same as that of the 19th century corset. Steel braces were introduced in this area to enable the corset to reshape the body. Tight shoulder straps are common, further reducing the waist and strengthening the chest and hips.

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