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Is It Safe To Hip Lift Through Liposuction?

Is It Safe To Hip Lift Through Liposuction?

Liposuction butt lift is a method of liposuction to help us a hip lift to achieve the effect of a butt lift, so is this method of butt lift safe? Let’s take a look together.

Is it safe to hip lift through liposuction?

Hip lift is designed to cut the buttocks, and the loose skin and excess fat are removed by the operation to achieve the purpose of shaping firm and smooth buttocks. The hip lift may have some risks and complications, so those seeking beauty should Go to a regular medical institution for medical treatment to reduce the occurrence of side effects.

Is there any risk in liposuction hip lift?

Experts pointed out that the correct liposuction does not do much harm to the body. During the operation, the principle of sterility should be strictly observed to prevent complications such as bleeding and infection. Before undergoing liposuction, you must have a full understanding of the operation unit, and choose a regular and advanced medical institution to perform the operation, which will ensure the safety and results of the operation.

Hip lift makes you more sexy.

Six points of attention for liposuction

1. Buttocks liposuction is performed in the fat layer under the dermis, which does not damage large blood vessels and nerves, so it will not cause damage to the body of the beauty seeker.


2. The sacral triangle is also known as the Bermuda Triangle, which is the triangle between the tip of the tailbone and the midpoints of the lower hip folds on both sides.


3. Autologous fat particles can be injected into the depression in the middle of the buttocks, which can achieve better postoperative results. The injection volume is more than other parts, and the fat survival rate after transplantation is higher.


4. The fat in the inner 1/2 and outer 1/3 areas of the lower buttock folds can support the buttocks. For example, the entire lower buttock folds are sucked. Although the shape is good during the operation, the buttocks are prone to sagging or under the buttocks after the operation. Double folds have a greater impact on the body.


5. Liposuction and hip lift surgery are to open two 5mm small openings at the folds of the buttocks and thighs to suck fat evenly and symmetrically. For the parts adjacent to the thighs and waist, special attention should be paid to the transition surface. Avoid leaving steps on the body. After recovery, the surgical incision will disappear in the folds of the skin without obvious marks.


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