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7 High-fat Burning Actions, Can You Persist?

7 High-fat Burning Actions.

When we lose weight, we always hope to lose weight with maximum efficiency. There are many kinds of exercise to lose weight, but their respective exercise efficiency is not the same. Here are 7 high-fat burning actions for everyone. I hope everyone can lose weight in the shortest time and develop a bodybuilding posture.


It should be noted that these actions should be done in combination, rather than saying that after finishing a group, we will do another group tomorrow. The correct approach is to complete a group, rest for 30 seconds, and then make the next group, so that the entire process can fully burn your fat.

1. Jump in and out for 40 seconds

Straighten your back and tighten your abdomen;
After the legs jumped up, separate to the sides, and then spread your hands out to be parallel to the ground, making the body appear “big”;
When the legs jump back, hands clap in front of the chest, maintaining consistency during the movement;
Pay attention to cushioning when your feet are on the ground and do not lock your knees.


2. Squat backward 16 times

Slightly open your feet and stand, tuck your chest, put your hands on both sides;
Withdraw one leg backward, squat the front leg until the front thigh is parallel to the ground, then get up and restore;
The feet are exchanged, and the knees of the hind legs do not touch the ground when squatting.

3. Support left and right abdominal jumps 20 times

Lean over, with your hands shoulder-width apart, support the ground, merge your feet, keep your body in a straight line;
Abdomen jump, put your legs to the side of the waist, bend your knees, and always keep your abdomen tight;
Jump back to the original position and do the belly jump on the opposite side.

7 High-fat Burning Actions

4. Supine leg lift 20 times

Lie on your back with your back on the ground, your hands under your hips, your legs together and off the ground;
Force your lower abdomen to lift your legs upwards, and then lower it after a while;
Do not touch your feet during the lowering process.

5. Mountain running for 30 seconds

Lean over, with your arms under your shoulders, support your body, your legs straighten back, and your back straight;
The legs take turns quickly to the premise knee to chest;
Keep your body as stable as possible during movements without shaking.

6. Abdominal jump wave ratio 10 times

Spread your feet so that they are as wide as your shoulders, lean over and squat down, support your hands as wide as your shoulders, and straighten your legs backward;
Quickly retract your legs towards your abdomen, get up and jump;
When jumping, bend your knees up and retract your abdomen. When you land, quickly lean down and squat.

7. Prone to push up 20 times

Lie on the ground with your arms straight forward and your legs straight back;
The abdomen and hips are on the ground, the chest and legs are raised at the same time, and the arms are straightened forward;
Lift up to the top of the action, and then lower it to restore after a shortstop.
Before exercising, warm up properly. After completing a set of movements, rest for 30 seconds. In addition, if you want to achieve a very good fat reduction effect, it is better to do it for about half an hour each time, about 3 to 4 times a week.



Generally speaking, the faster the speed and the greater the movement, the more power is consumed, and the better the fat-burning effect. Therefore, in the process of exercise, we should try our best to make it as fast as possible, with a large range, and consume a lot of power. The so-called fast, large, and many-that is, fast frequency, large and heavy load, all depend on your own ability to bear. Just do what you can, and don’t want to see others doing much better than yourself.



Losing weight through exercise can maintain a better figure and a healthier body, making a weightless rebound. Conversely, excessive dieting will slow down the body’s metabolism, tired face, loose muscles, and dull skin.




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