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How To Get Slim Shoulders And Arms?

How To Get Slim Shoulders And Arms?

Thick arms and thick shoulders will make you look very strong and especially burly, so how to lose weight arms and shoulders? Today I will share with you a few effective ways to lose weight on arms and shoulders, get rid of stout arms, and change the beauty of slim arms.


1.Back scratch
The elbow of the right hand is bent and placed on the back, and the left hand is placed on the elbow of the right hand. Slowly press down. At this time, use your right hand to support the back of the left to make the arms and shoulders feel tight. Hold for 8-10 seconds Relax, do it with another hand, and do the same. Just 10 sets. Shake your hands and relax after you finish. Stretching your arms can shrink the muscles on the inside of your arms and reduce the weight under your arms.


How To Get Slim Shoulders And Arms?-Back scratch

2. Small actions at home
In fact, there are many small movements of thin arms in life, such as doing housework and wiping windows, which is a good opportunity to get rid of the meat. There are floor-to-ceiling windows in your home. Glass is your best exercise object. If you wipe the window alternately for 30 minutes, shrink your arms and relax your muscles. You will find that there is less fat between your arms and your shoulders, and your arms are longer. While doing housework, why not shape your arms?


3. Essential body movement
Doing whole body exercise can make the fat in the whole body be fully consumed, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. After the whole body is thinned, the shoulders and arms will not be too fat. Generally speaking, we can jog every morning after getting up, or play basketball every afternoon, which is very helpful for a thin body.


4.Body tea
Slimming tea can convert all kinds of stubborn fats into calories, and then enhance the peristalsis of the intestines, and excrete excess oil from the body. At the same time, it can reduce the dependence on greasy food, and establish a fat isolation membrane in the intestinal wall, so as to maintain long-term slimness.


5. Diet regulation is important
No matter which part you want to lose, diet is key. During weight loss, it is best not to eat sweets and carbonated drinks, but foods such as milk and eggs can still be eaten.


• The above is about how to lose weight on arms and shoulders. We can use the fragmented time to exercise, for example, stretch more between work or study, this can also play a role of thin shoulders, doing housework after eating is also very helpful for weight loss.



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