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Fruits to avoid during weight loss?

Fruits to avoid during weight loss?

 Everyone knows that eating fruit is good for health. Many girls who are looking for slim use it as a dinner food, but some fruits are not suitable for consumption on an empty stomach.Which ones are not suitable during weight loss?


1. Tomatoes: Contain a lot of pectins, persimmon gum phenol, soluble astringent, and other ingredients, which are easy to react with stomach acid and condense into insoluble lumps. These lumps can block the pylorus at the outlet of the stomach, increase the pressure in the stomach, cause acute gastric dilatation and make people feel stomach pain.


2. Persimmon: The stomach contains a lot of gastric acids when on an empty stomach. It is easy to react with the persimmon gum phenol, gum, pectin, and soluble astringent contained in the persimmon to produce gastric persimmon stone syndrome, causing heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and stomach Dilation, gastric ulcer, even gastric perforation, gastric bleeding, and other diseases.


Fruits to avoid during weight loss



3. Bananas: contain a lot of magnesium. If you eat a lot of bananas on an empty stomach, the amount of magnesium in the blood will rise suddenly, causing an imbalance in the ratio of magnesium to calcium in the blood of the human body, and inhibiting the cardiovascular system, which is unhealthy.


4. Oranges: Contain a lot of sugar and organic acids. Eating oranges on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa and increase gastric acid, making the spleen and stomach full and pantothenic acid.


5. Hei Jujube: Contains a lot of pectin and tannic acid, which is easy to combine with the stomach acid in the human body, resulting in hard lumps in the stomach. Especially can not eat too much before going to bed, people with chronic gastrointestinal diseases are best not to eat.


6.Sugarcane and fresh lychees: high sugar content, should not be eaten on an empty stomach, otherwise it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing stomach pain and fullness of the spleen and stomach. And if you eat too much sugar cane or fresh lychee when you are on an empty stomach, a “hyperosmolar coma” will occur due to the sudden infiltration of excessive high sugar in the body.


7.Hawthorn: It tastes sour and has the effect of promoting qi and eliminating food, but if consumed on an empty stomach, it will not only consume gas, but also increase hunger and aggravate stomach problems.


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