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How To Lose Weight Fast? Here Are Four Good Fat Burning Actions.

Here are four good fat burning actions.

There are two main directions of fitness exercise, one is to lose weight and burn fat, and the other is to build muscle. There are some exercise methods that can make all parts of our body to consume more fat and calories in the shortest time, so as to achieve the purpose of debilitating the whole body. So what do you think are the actions to burn fat and squeeze the whole body? Let’s take a look!


Action 1: Bobby Jump

Keep standing, straighten your back, tighten your abdomen, squat down, and open your hands wider than your shoulders to support your body. Then the legs jumped back and straightened, the legs still separated some distance, and then jumped back inward to return to the original position, stood up, when you got up, the legs jumped out again, arms raised Do another open and close jump on the top of the head, keep your legs open, and restore after retracting, and repeat the action.

Here are four good fat burning actions


Action 2: Raise your legs

To raise your legs, you must first maintain an upright standing position, with your back straight, your abdomen tight, and your entire body straight. Lift your legs upwards in turn, doing the knee-lifting motion until you mention that your thighs are parallel to the ground, and your legs take turns to move quickly, and your arms can swing freely with the movement of the legs.


Action 3: Prone and stand up

Lie on the yoga mat in a prone position, stick your entire thighs on the yoga mat, support your feet on the ground with your toes, and place your arms on the back of your head. Always keep your back straight, lift your body upwards, lift your chest position off the ground, push your head up to the highest point, and slowly move down. When you move down, your face should not touch the ground, but close to the ground.


Action 4: Crawl on the spot + alternate arms forward

Stand with your legs slightly open, bend down, put your hands in front of your feet, if you are not flexible enough, bend your knees slightly, move your hands forward alternately until your body is in a straight line from head to toe, raise one arm forward to touch something in front, And then the arms are restored and exchange sides. After both hands are restored, move the hands backward in turn until the hands are about to touch the toes.


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